We are germ-killing warriors! Since we’ve been in business, we’ve cleaned hundreds of homes in the Detroit/Metro-Detroit area. Solace Heart Home Cleaning have a 327-point inspection dedicated to providing you with an excellent, thorough, pain-free cleaning.

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that may help you get the most out of your home cleaning.

  1. How do I prepare for house cleaning services? It is super helpful to have all surfaces cleared for cleaning and disinfecting. This includes clearing dishes, kitchen/bathroom counter décor, personal and valued items on dressers, clothes and other items out of the corners and off of the floors. Have ready your vacuum, broom, mop, and any special products you would like for us to use. We provide the rest.
  2. What should I expect upon the arrival of cleaner? The cleaner will arrive with the work order completed at the time of your appointment concerning any special requests. Your cleaner will do a walkthrough of your home and make any additional remarks on the work order. PLEASE NOTE: Any additional services are subject to additional fees.
  3. Do I provide you with our vacuum, mop, and broom? Yes. I’m sure you can understand why. We do have a commercial vacuum in case you are unable to provide an empty vacuum in working order. Same with the mop and broom!
  4. Should I and/or my family be home during the cleaning? Not necessarily. You have an option of securely sharing with us how you want us to enter the property. If your family is home, it is ideal for the family to be in one designated area until it’s time to clean that area. You are welcome to specify if we need keys, codes, or special timing. All requests are sensitive, secure, and confidential information disclosed only to management and as necessary, the house cleaner.
  5. I am booking a cleaning, but when will I be charged? When you visit to book a cleaning, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED until the day of service. We may, however preauthorize a minimal dollar amount ($1.00) for credit card and security verification.
  6. How is my credit card information stored? We use an SSL web secure platform through Visa Square and Stripe when we require credit card verification. All sensitive information is disclosed through a protected platform and verified/charged solely through management. If there is any issue please contact Management directly by phone or email at 313 205 0332 or
  7. I am unable to reach someone (via phone) to schedule an appointment. Visit to Request a Callback or text 313-205-0332 and we will contact you within 24-hours.
  8. I’ve never had a cleaning…what does it include? When you visit, CLICK Book Now and scroll down to “See what’s included in our General Home Cleaning service”. There, you will get the details of our general cleaning services. Additionally you can select other customized services to fit your cleaning needs.
  9. I found you on a 3rd party website that offers a discount on your services, how do I add my 3rd party discount to my cleaning request? Add any 3rd party discount codes to the “Are there any additional details we need to know?” section. We honor any discount codes, meaning whether it expires or not, we still honor the value of whatever you prepaid for discounted services. For your example, if your coupon or discount has expired, we simply deduct the value you paid for the coupon from our rates. We will send you a balance of services, and you can settle the balance on or before the day of service.
  10. I have a promo code that was sent to me from the company, where do I put it? Simply put the promo code in the designated area, and as long as it isn’t expired, you will automatically see the discount as you book your appointment.
  11. I am unhappy with the services I received, who do I contact? Contact management within 24 hours if you are unhappy with our services. Management will contact you to discuss any service you are unhappy with.
  12. Do you take pictures of our home? Sometimes. Upon your permission (or for proof of cleaning to management), we may take before and after photos. Your name, location, and personal information will not be disclosed as public information to any 3rd parties*. However, we may securely and confidentially post before and after photos to show how proud we are of our services.
  13. When can I cancel/reschedule services without penalty? You have up to 24 hours to cancel or reschedule your house cleaning. If you cancel within 24 hours, there may be a fee of $20 added to your account.
  14. Why do you charge a cancellation fee? We schedule a timeframe just for you and we work hard to provide excellent, reliable services to every client. Each time we are unable to clean your home without notice, we are unable to help other clients who need services. We understand things happen so you can easily cancel/reschedule up to 24 hours via call, text, and/or email so that we can have an opportunity to serve other clients within that time frame.
  15. Why didn’t my house cleaner organize my things, or make my bed? Our main goal is to clean, disinfect, and sanitize surface areas in the home such as countertops, floors, outside appliances, and high traffic area. Although we do not make beds on unclean linen, we do however apply clean, fresh linen to your bed when you provide it FREE OF CHARGE. You’re welcome to add additional services like organizing, washing dishes/clothes, and deep cleanings at a minimal charge.
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